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  About Us

BYSoft Inc. is an integrated software service company, providing application analysis, software design, and implementation. We use our 1-D, 2-D, 3-D, and multi-D geophysical visualization components to help other enterprises with production management, compliance management, report automation, and performance management.

We help our clients visualize and analyze different data sets to achieve an integrated data interpretation result. By utilizing our unique component design, we're able to provide provide low-cost, custom solutions to our clients' needs.


Our Clients

ChevronTexaco Corporation
Shell Oil Company
Schlumberger Limited
Baker Hughes Incorporated
Fairfield Inc.
Survey Technologies
Petris Technologies
Sinopec: China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation
The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Zhang & Associates, P.C.
Sine Qua Non


Past & Present Projects

Oil & Gas

  • 3D flex-grid modeling
  • 3D reservoir simulation, visualization, horizon fault and volume rendering and editing
  • Well log simulation system (NMR)
  • Well logging process and interpretation system with auto report.
  • Well logging data editing and plotting system
  • Well logging analysis, editing, and auto-reporting
  • 3D seismic data QC package
  • 3D seismic visualization packages
  • GIS systems to consolidate oil & gas data management
  • Port OpenGL into IBM system
  • Port and enhance 3D offshore engineering software
  • Chemical and refinery plant simulation and process control system
  • Flow Control System for metering and tank farm (HMI)
  • Interactive multi-tier factory equipment control system
  • Pipeline pigging data display and management system
  • Pocket-PC based service system
  • Multidimensional visualization and analysis package

Management & Compliance Systems

  • Web base documentation automation and management
  • Web-based software bug management system
  • Log Instruments Revenue/Cost Management System.
  • Multiple client and server factory monitor and management system
  • Hospital patient discharge management system
  • Chemical laboratory management system
  • Factory compliance and scheduling system
  • Chemical waste management system.



Product Updates

The updated features on our products increases user manipulation of the data, making them more powerful than ever. These are just some of the new additions.

BYLog - xml configuration support, clipboard copy paste support, web service support, user-defined zones support, ticker display

BYSeis - Annotation support, xml configuration support, simultaneous display of well log data and seismic data

BYVision - Interactive selection, interactive editing, cursor value support, statistics computation

BYGraph - trace display, density display, user-defined gradient lines 

BYHorizon - even/uneven space grid support, new contour properties

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